Employee Selection

  • Protecting YOUR Interests

The safety and security of our clients is paramount to our philosophy of business. Bryco Services takes our employee selection process very serious and we follow a formal, stringent protocol when it comes to whom we hire to clean our clients' facilities.

  • Employee Selection Process

Bryco Services believes in hiring the right person for the right job, every time. With this philosophy we can help ensure that our employees are a good fit for their job as well as a good fit for our company and clients.

  • Submit completed employment application
  • County background check
  • Initial interview
  • Thorough reference check and verification of employment history
  • Second interview
  • Social security verification (e-verify)
  • National criminal history check by third party firm
  • All employees are required to wear company uniforms
  • All Bryco Services employees are I-9 Compliant and we maintain workers' compensation insurance and pay appropriate payroll taxes; our employees are not independent contractors
  • Welcome Aboard...

Once our prospective employees have passed our selection process and have been offered employment, Bryco Services believes the next step to a successful employee is thorough training.

  • Pre-employment job description class
  • Policy & procedure class
  • New employee orientation course
  • Cleaning specialist training course
  • Routine supervisor visits and evaluations
  • Ongoing training via company staff and safety meetings
  • Company newsletter and training bulletins
  • Your Information is Safe and Sound

All Bryco Services team members sign Client Confidentiality Agreements and are subject to our policy on a Drug-Free Workplace.

  • In Uniform and Ready to Serve

All of Bryco Services team members have been issued company uniforms and are required to wear them at all times. This allows for easy recognition and identification of our staff.

  • Your Safety and Security is Our Job

Our team members take pride in maintaining the cleanliness of our clients' facilities. Not everyone on our team has keys or alarm codes to your building. For the safety and security of your buildings, only our team leaders have keys and alarm codes to your building. Our offices will notify our clients in the event of any staff changes.

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