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Policy Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As COVID-19 is spreading at increased rates throughout the world, including the United States, Bryco Facility Services is prepared to uphold commitment we have to our employees, our clients and society. Our core values include being ethical, accountable and responsive. It is our intention to do our best in protecting everyone we can during this global concern.

Bryco Facility Services is monitoring developments closely through legitimate governing bodies (CDC and WHO) to stay one-step ahead. It is our intention to have an open line of communication with our employees and clients.

  • For Our Employees…

Our employees make up the heart and soul of the Bryco Facility Services Family. Here are our recommendations to help keep everyone safe, healthy and at reduced risk of infection:

  • Continue to follow company protocol on proper hand washing, which includes washing your hands upon arrival to a client’s facility, after cleaning a client’s facility and several times during, as needed.
  • Wear proper personal protective equipment, such as gloves and face masks, and change gloves often during your shift.
  • If you have symptoms of respiratory illness, you must stay home and not report to work until you are free of fever and any other symptoms for at least 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing or other symptom-altering medications (such as cough suppressants). Anyone with a fever over 100.4 should stay home and seek medical attention.
  • Face masks are required for all employees.
  • For Our Clients…

Bryco Facility Services values the health and safety of our clients and their employees. Here are our recommendations for you as well as actions we are taking to help keep everyone safe, healthy and at reduced risk of infection:

  • Encourage your team to follow proper handwashing procedures and clean their hands often.
  • Keep an open line of communication with Bryco Facility Services, as to notify us of sick employees or potential hazards to the safety of BFS employees.
  • We are working on alleviating supply chain disruptions and will not price gouge. Based on increased demand and limited supply, we cannot control inventory levels or price fluctuations by our suppliers and wholesalers.
  • The CDC very clearly recommends increased cleaning AND disinfection of frequently touched surfaces. We are prepared to increase the number of days your facility is cleaned, upon request. Breaking the chain of infection is crucial to controlling this outbreak and keeping people safe.
  • If you are a medical facility, it is highly recommended to have daily, routine disinfection of commonly touched or soiled surfaces.
  • We are prepared and trained to offer our clients a comprehensive disinfection program, including emergency disinfection and/or training with your key personnel on how to reduce exposure risks and manage these types of emergency situations.
  • Our cleaning specialists are already trained on how to properly use EPA-registered disinfectants and how to execute a disinfection program and have completed COVID-19 specific training.
  • The best line of defense from COVID-19 starts from within, with good personal hygiene habits, avoiding outbreak areas and frequent, effective handwashing.
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  • For More Information…

For additional and updated information on the COVID-19 situation, please visit our website ( or check our Bryco Services Facebook page.

More information is also available at and

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